Please Note: East Pointe Community Church has suspended most operations due to the passing of Pastor Bill Underwood and the Covid pandemic.  For further information contact

Church. It may have played an important role throughout your life. Or perhaps during a particular period in time. Maybe never at all.

But what if you found a church that let you explore Christianity at your own pace? Where you can discover everything a relationship with Jesus can mean in your life - whether you're just beginning your spiritual journey or you've been on the path a long time. A place where blue jeans are considered church clothes. A place where the timeless truths of the Bible are made real to your everyday life. A place where you (and your family) are truly welcomed.

You have just found that place.
Welcome to East Pointe Community Church.


"sharing God's
real love
real ways
with others
around us"

         to church?  to seeking?  to leadership?  of interaction?  of location?  to East Pointe? of life?
10:30 Sundays @ Stenstrom Elementary, Oviedo / 1800 Alafaya Woods Blvd. off Mitchell Hammock Rd.
Mailing Address: 698 Aberdeen Ln. Winter Springs, FL 32708 / 407.509.5623 /