East Pointe Community Church is a place for those who've been reluctant to attend church.

Our Vision
-CONNECTING those without a church to Christ; FACILITATING their on-going spiritual growth. 

Our Values
-WORSHIP that engages people with God in an inspiring, enjoyable way.
-RELATIONSHIPS between individuals, families, and the community that are genuine and caring.
-SMALL GROUPS for Bible study discussion, encouragement, & belonging.
-SUNDAY SCHOOL for the spiritual growth of children and youth.

-OUTREACH that is personal and inviting with a heart for Christ-connection and meeting needs.


"sharing God's
real love
real ways
with others
around us"

         to church?  to seeking?  to leadership?  of interaction?  of location?  to East Pointe? of life?
10:30 Sundays @ Stenstrom Elementary, Oviedo / 1800 Alafaya Woods Blvd. off Mitchell Hammock Rd.
Mailing Address: 698 Aberdeen Ln. Winter Springs, FL 32708 / 407.509.5623 / mailbox@whatsthepointe.com